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Classes for Educators Through Adams State University

2015 Spring Semester Salary Enhancement And Teacher Re-Certification Classes For Educators Through Adams State University

Educators and Administrators — Increase your earning potential and renew your teaching credential with the following courses. Now offering 36* credits through Adams State University. Each class is 3 credits.

Class Schedule

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times Practical Knowledge For 21st Century Education (New)

This course will look at ancient teachings from both Eastern and Western traditions that have educational values at its core. We will look at the true definition of knowledge and learning and how to implement these teachings into the 21st century classroom. This course will cover strategies for studying and learning at profound levels, keeping students engaged and motivated to learn not just for the grade or test score, but also for the essentials that were once at the basis of all education and learning. We will explore the strategies that hold the keys to learning, curiosity and contribution and maintain a place of respect in history. We will focus on techniques and materials that can be applied in any academic subject that fosters a positive, creative and practical outcome for academic excellence, success and contribution.

  • 2/4 – 2/9/15. The first class starts at 4:30 PM.
  • 4/22 – 4/27/15. The first class starts at 4:30 PM.

Bully-Proofing Your Classroom–Transforming Disruption, Dysfunction & Dis-engagement (New)

Bullying in school has become an increasingly serious problem threatening not only the safety of our academic environment, but causing some gifted and extraordinary learners to drop out of school and in extreme cases, end their own lives. This course will cover approaches that transform the disruption, dysfunction and dis-engagement that bullying causes for perpetrators and victims as well as everyone else. We will explore the strategies that can both prevent bullying and mange it once it has occurred through discussions, small groups and experiential sessions that include theater games and role-playing that can be integrated into the curriculum and used by both counselors and classroom teachers.

  • 1/28 – 2/2/15. The first class starts at 4:30 PM.
  • 3/25 – 3/30/15. The first class starts at 4:30 PM.

Honing Resilience — The Hidden Key to Success & Learning

This course will address the various ways that you can think about fostering resilience and how to apply it to your life and to your students. We will research positive role models of individuals who have overcome enormous adversity and become successful against all odds. We will then explore how students can adopt their own strategies to positively overcome challenges they face in school and at home. In a simple and powerfully effective format that includes written handouts, documentary films, small group discussions and experiential exercises, educators will discover and implement effective strategies that they can integrate into their lives and translate to their classrooms for effective and transformational classroom application.

  • 3/11 – 3/16/15. The first class starts at 4:30 PM.

Nourishing The Body, Strengthening The Mind

We know that a healthy body and an alert mind are essential for creating the best learners and a successful academic environment. Michelle Obama has spent much of her time as first lady championing both. This course will cover a variety of information about the importance of feeding the body and the brain and exploring strategies that can be integrated into the curriculum that foster both. We will examine scientific and medical research that support the significance of this subject and we will explore specific techniques that can be used in the academic environment that focus on practically ensuring both a healthy body and a strong, focused mind.

  • 2/25 – 3/2/15. The first class starts at 4:30 PM.

The Fun Factor in Learning — Strategies to Engage All Students

One of the significant concerns facing educators today is how to keep students engaged and learning. With increased awareness of IEPs and special needs, teaching today is more complex than ever. Not only must teachers address students’ varied needs and levels of learning, but teachers need to keep them focused, motivated to learn and excel in order to meet today’s test standards and our ever changing technology and economy. This course will cover an approach that addresses a key and perhaps overlooked ingredient for both educators and students in learning—fun! We will focus on techniques and materials that can be applied in any academic subject that fosters a positive, enjoyable process and outcome. We will explore how to create a more integrated approach that allows students to excel, be self-responsible and love learning.

  • 3/4 – 3/9/15. The first class starts at 4:30 PM.

Movement For The Mind® For Educators: Gateway to Integrating Right and Left Brain Learning

This course will explore the principles of Movement from a unique perspective. Educators will learn how “Dance” can be utilized not only as a physical activity, but also as a tool for right and left-brain integration, creativity and problem solving. Through a format that includes lecture, intellectual documentation and experiential exercises, educators will learn how this creative kinesthetic approach can be utilized in early childhood education, with special needs students, and gifted learners. We will also examine the importance of addressing both sides of the brain in learning and how movement can be used as an integrative tool in any academic curriculum.

  • 1/21 – 1/26/15. The first class starts at 4:30 PM.
  • 4/29 – 5/4/15. The first class starts at 4:30 PM.

Yoga For The Academic Environment: Creating Concentration, Balance, Wellness and Success in the Classroom

This course will cover a variety of informational and practical data about yoga, wellness for educators and the implementation of these theories and materials in the classroom for both educators and their students.

A partial list of those benchmarks that we will cover are:

  • Improved concentration
  • Increased focus
  • Better test scores with the reduction of stress and disruptive behavior
  • Increased energy

The course will incorporate both modern and ancient traditions and we will explore how these strategies can be applied to not only improve overall health and well-being, but also how to increase performance benchmarks that are so important to today’s educational environment.

  • 1/14 – 1/19/15. The first class starts at 4:30 PM.
  • 4/15 – 4/20/15. The first class starts at 4:30 PM.

Opening The Breath, Cooling The Mind: 24/7 Stress Management for Educators & Their Students

This course will cover a variety of information about stress derived from the latest in scientific and medical research. Students will be introduced to breathing and relaxation strategies as well as other techniques that help to reduce stress, minimize burnout and create positive choices for increased effectiveness on the job and greater wellness and balance during the school year as well as in daily life. These strategies will also be specifically targeted so that they can be applied successfully in the classroom to decrease anxiety in students, improve test scores and decrease acting-out behavior.

  • 3/18 – 3/23/15. The first class starts at 4:30 PM.

Personal Creativity in Education: The Essence of Learning

This course explores the subject and importance of creativity and examines how its application is essential in the classroom. In part, modeled after an acclaimed course in the MBA program at Stanford University and used in many Fortune 500 corporations throughout the US, this course is designed to address the varied needs of students and how to communicate classroom curriculum in innovative ways leading to both an increase in a desire to learn and to greater student success.

  • 2/11 – 2/16/15. The first class starts at 4:30 PM.

Back to the Basics: Applying Motivation and Inspiration in Education

Learn the ways to academic motivation and inspiration. Utilizing a combination of acronyms and language, we will first define the need for these qualities and then implement them using a variety of intellectual and experiential techniques that will increase learning, creativity, and success.

  • 2/18 – 2/23/15. The first class starts at 4:30 PM.

New Courses Coming Soon

* We are excited to announce two additional different classes (3 credits each) in the Spring Semester on Technology and increasing Language and Learning Skills and Story Telling. One class will be held in Boulder and one in Denver by two guest teachers. Look for the courses, details and dates to be listed in late January, 2015.

About Francoise E. Netter, M.A.

Francoise E. Netter, MA, is an author, educator, conference presenter, performer and certification trainer throughout the United States, Mexico, and Europe.  In addition to having taught at Stanford University, Santa Clara University, JFK University, Antioch College, University of Phoenix,Brandman Univerity, California State University, San Bernardino, and Front Range College, she has given master classes at University of Colorado, Boulder and Naropa University and has trained teachers, therapists and medical professionals. Francoise has been featured on television and radio, on several CDs and in magazine and newspaper articles.

She currently conducts workshops and graduate credit courses for Educators and Administrators through Adams State University. Her passion is to motivate others and use education as a resource for creativity, inspiration and transformation.

Costs and Registration

The cost is $440.00 for any of the above three-credit courses. Classes are held in Boulder County and the Denver/Metro area. Contact us for more information. Please RSVP for all classes by emailing or calling 303.960.6000.

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