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We Provide Salary Enhancement and Recertification Classes for Educators

Françoise Netter provides specialized classes and services for educators. Educators have been able to get graduate CEU credits from Brandman University; California State University, San Bernardino; UCD, Denver; University of Phoenix; and currently, Adams State University.

Classes for Educators Through Adams State University

Françoise is currently leading teacher recertification and salary enhancement classes that are accredited though Adams State University.

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Read What Educators Say About Courses with Francoise Netter

Here is what educators and administrators have to say:

“I also wanted to let you know how helpful our closing activity was for me.  I am taking over my school’s dance program this fall, and I plan to use a similar activity to start out my year and ‘free’ my students in their bodies.  You are an inspiration…” –Susan Simonds

“Thank you for re-kindling the creative spirit in me. Creativity is the soul of true education. This course helped me to think of creativity in different modalities. I can now look for ways to incorporate creative approaches to my normal lesson plans.” — M. Arolllelo

“I learned the importance of the body as a whole. I’ve become more aware of the synchronized/unity of the body and how important it is to incorporate the body, mind and spirit! It’s all about being aware, understanding and implementing! Thank you, Françoise.” — M. Strelinger

“I really enjoyed the class! It was really refreshing to focus on creativity for a change. Françoise was well prepared, articulate, welcoming and inspiring. I enjoyed the articles and activities in the class. Thanks so much.” — Michele N.

“Excellent class, but I only got two hours with Françoise. She has a depth of knowledge and passion that is rare. I want more!” — L. Becker

“This class was fabulous due to your high energy, knowledge of your topic and giving us tools to use in our lives. Everyone, at any age or level, can learn from you!! I will pass on the information on this class to all teachers! Thank you.” — L. Steirt

“Thank you for a great class last night, I felt energized and have ideas that I can put into place today at school!  What a great group of people, you always have a knack for bringing out the best in us.” — S. Ohlson, M.A.

“Hi Francoise. Thank you again for an amazing and quite frankly uplifting class. So much of the content is downright perfect timing for what is unfolding in my life at the moment… I tell you this because sometimes life hands you what you need without you knowing it, I am pretty sure these classes are speaking to me at the right time.  Thank you for offering these topics to us.  It means a great deal.” — A. Erdrington, Educator

“So I am simply amazed at the timing of your classes and how they have helped me personally. As I shared how the last class helped me to handle the death of my grandma, this class, Honing Resilience, has helped me to deal with a very difficult situation that I never thought I would have to face. Your blogs on resilience were just wonderful to read and they are going to be extremely helpful in helping me personally overcome this recent situation. Thank you again for inspiring so many!” — Jody Urias

“Francoise, your class has made a huge impact on me in my daily life and on how I have chosen to approach this new world of uncertainty I find myself in…  I truly feel grateful and blessed.  Thank you so much for opening my door to true survivors like yourself, Alice Herz, and Viktor Frankl.” — J. Holsomback

“Thank you for another empowering and meaningful class.  The concepts we addressed in this class and the other 3 I have attended apply across the curriculum and across grade levels and ages.  I can apply the concepts to my own life as well and my classroom.  The discussions are interesting and engaging and I walk away with another ray of hope in today’s rewarding, yet challenging and often overwhelming classroom.” — L. Stone