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Francoise Netter Performing MovementToo often in this age of technology, we find ourselves segmented, over extended and locked in our intellect. Creative awareness motivates us, awakens us and inspires us. Learn an active process of awakening that employs the body as an instrument for living and as a storehouse of memory, creativity and knowledge. Through visualization, dance, movement, breathing, journaling and music, you will have the opportunity to explore and define your own creative states.

The body is a medium for purposeful creativity. Through it, active change is achieved by integrating the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the individual. The result may be practical such as problem solving, dissolving stress, and healing emotional or physical trauma and pain. Or the result may be as simple as discovering new feelings and finding freedom in unblocked self-expression.

Watch part of a YouTube video on Moving the Body, Connecting the Soul presented at INATS (International New Age Trade Show). Listen to Suzanne Toro’s radio show interview about the book and Movement For The Mind and how it will improve your life. Or listen to Bob Charles’ radio interview with Francoise about the value of Movement For The Mind. You can also listen to Dave Barnett’s radio interview about the book. After listening, let me know your thoughts. Look for upcoming trainings and workshops and always feel free to contact me with your questions and comments.

Movement For The Mind® Practitioner Training Certification Program – Levels 1, 2 and 3

Upcoming events, classes and trainings:

  • Introduction To Movement For The Mind – Summer Breeze
    August 7, 2014 from 5:15 – 7:15 PM
    3350 Chisholm Trail, Boulder, 80301
    This class is for individuals who are interested in becoming a practitioner as a career or just want to experience this dynamic, transforming and life-changing movement process. Session will include information, lecture and workshop.
    $30.00 – Call 303.960.6000 to reserve your spot.
  • Movement For The Mind Practitioner Certification Trainings
    Call or email for application and details.
  • Movement For The Mind
    Ongoing classes and private sessions are available, as well as specialized programs throughout the United States and Europe. Contact or call 303.960.6000 to sponsor a class or request a training in your area.

The following services, classes and products are also available:

  • One-on-One Movement Therapy
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Enhancing Creativity In The Classroom For Educators Courses
  • Redress Your Stress Courses
  • Movement For The Mind For Educators–Gateway to Integrating Right and Left Brain Learning Courses
  • Movement For the Mind (Paperback Book and eBook)
  • The Magic of Movement–Movement For The Mind CD

To find out more information about these or other products and services, please call 303.960.6000.

Order The Movement For The Mind® Book

An exciting new book, Movement For The Mind®: Dance That Awakens Healing, Inspiration And Wisdom is now available in both hardcopy as a paperback book and as an eBook for download.

It describes a unique way to integrate creativity that begins in the body and translates to your life. It also explores the dynamic aspects of healing, wholeness and inspirational wisdom.

The information in this book offers a unique antidote to many of the problems facing us today. It integrates body with mind and creates a vehicle for learning, fun, creativity and revelation. It incorporates the principles of “The Secret,” “Shadow Work” and utilizes as a vehicle what we all share in common: our bodies and minds. It is akin to Yoga and to what the ancient Yogis instruct us about life: That the treasures that we all are looking for are always there, right in front of us or more precisely, within us.

“Hello Françoise! I just started reading your book and I wanted to write you and express gratitude for explaining why dance is so important-how profoundly healing it is! I was never a dancer until I was 42 and my 2 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I went to sign up for yoga; to find some peace. I left having signed up for bellydance. I realized that bellydance was all about nurturing and healing the sacral chakra! Your book explains so well what I try to communicate to others…thank you! Blessings and best wishes to you as you bring people to the healing modality of dance!” — Gail Johnson

The thousands of people who have participated in Movement For The Mind® have reported a wide variety of benefits. See the photos from Françoise’s book release party. Or read the newspaper story about her and her work.

Visit the Books page to order or get information about our book. Also see that page’s money-saving Digital and Traditional Bundles. Both bundles include the book and CD, either in digital form as an immediate download or by mail as hardcopies of the book and CD.

Order The Magic of Movement – Movement For The Mind® CD

Get this CD which allows the individual to experience the creativity of Movement Exploration. This self-help CD will facilitate exploration of the body in a creative and powerful way through guided imagery. Individuals will learn how to ground themselves, create appropriate boundaries, how to express feelings safely and uniquely and how to connect to their body in a non-judgmental process. This CD is also useful for  teachers and therapists interested in incorporating Body Awareness and Movement as a tool for creative enhancement, communication and/or therapy and can be used with children or adults.

The Magic of Movement – Movement For The Mind® is designed to offer the following benefits:

  • Kinesthetic awareness
  • Awareness of appropriate boundaries
  • Consciousness of breath
  • Expanded creativity
  • Greater self-expression
  • Becoming more comfortable in your body
  • Utilization of Dance Principles in innovative ways
  • Relaxation

Visit the Products page to order or get information about our CDs.

“Françoise Netter is an extraordinary teacher, mentor and creative being. I had the good fortune of working with Françoise in my graduate internship. During this time, I studied Françoise’s method of Movement for the Mind® through the book, the CD and her mentorship. Movement for the Mind® is a powerful tool that guided me to live more fully in my body. After each session of reading and practicing the method, I felt more grounded and open in my body and mind, as well as more connected to spirit.

Exploring Movement for the Mind® with Françoise’s mentoring was powerful and transformative. I was able to access and heal various layers of my being, and then share this in my work with others. Françoise is charismatic and captivating with her teachings and very open and loving in her interactions. She employs humor and kindness that made me feel safe and comfortable in our work together. Françoise has an exuberance for life that I continually felt in our conversations.

Françoise also mentored me through the movement class I was teaching as part of my internship. She made herself available to me throughout the process. Anytime I came to her with an issue about the class or my own personal process, she was quick with a helpful suggestion that spoke right to the heart of the matter. There is a sense that Françoise has really done her own work and can relate to her students and clients with compassion and understanding. I feel blessed to have worked with Françoise and hope that others have the good fortune to do the same!”
— Joslyn Swinger, Sonoma State University